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Kate Elden

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Hello music lovers, I’m Kate, the host of ‘Chaos with Kate’ airing every Wednesday from 6-8 pm. In 2023, I made the leap from the hustle and bustle of London to Lanarkshire, driven by a desire to reconnect with family and immerse myself in a thriving community. The decision proved to be transformative, and now, I proudly contribute to the dynamic atmosphere at Radio Lanarkshire alongside an exceptional team.

Beyond the radio waves, my interests reflect a kaleidoscope of passions. Whether I’m (not) gracefully dancing, strumming my guitar (albeit at a leisurely pace on the learning curve), delving into the depths of new music, strolling through nature, attempting to write a novel, or indulging in cinematic adventures, my life is filled with creativity and warmth.

Join me on ‘Chaos with Kate’ for an unpredictable journey filled with thought-provoking questions and a touch of whimsy. Experience a curated mix of genres, chosen with care, all accompanied by a generous dose of positivity.